Armature / Rotor Rewind


Beejay has extensive experience and knowledge in the repair and rewind of all sizes of armatures and rotors.

Technical personnel in place to source, supply and process all requirements for the rewind process.

All armature and rotors rewound have coils manufactured in Beejay's coil shop.

Incorporate the latest advances with insulation materials.

Armature rewind with commutator either tig welded or soldered.

Vacuum Pressure Impregnation of windings.

Renewal of commutators and slip rings, or new mica vee-rings fitted. commutators and slip rings machined finished to customer specifications.

Rewound armatures and rotors are all dynamically balanced.

All armature and rotor mechanical parts damaged will either be repaired or replaced.

We guarantee all work completed and can offer enhanced warranties.