Beejay has a coil shop separate from our main workshop with specialised test equipment and technical reference specification.


Coil winding machines and armature winding kits to obtain uniform performance.

Technical personnel in place to source, supply and process all manufactured coils.

We manufacture high quality coils produced to customers exact specification.

  • Armature coils
  • Equaliser coils
  • Mainfield and interpoles
  • Compensating coils
  • Stator coils
  • Rotor coils


All manufactured coils inspected and tested to customers specification.

Manufactured coils insulated to meet the electrical, mechanical and environmental conditions. We offer a full range of insulation systems from Class F (155 deg C) to Class (220 deg C).

Manufactured coils can be insulated to be compatible for Vacuum Pressure Impregnation.

Various sizes of copper conductor and armature coils held in stock.